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Design Photography 

Problem: looking hard at the world
10 perspectives

Students should go out with the goal of making 10 groups of 5 photographs of something interesting in the world. Of course, to do this properly students will need to take more than 5 photograph of each thing. They will probably also need to take pictures of more than 10 things to create the required 10 groups of 5 images. Once the images are collected, student should arrange them, uncropped in a configuration that enhances whatever quality of the object s/he found interesting. All images should be the same size.

The format will be a series of 11 x 17 landscape pages.

In addition to creating well exposed images, successful solutions to this problem will explore how the manipulation of shutter speed, aperture, and composition can be used to create different perspectives on how we view an object (through depth of field, blur, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance, &c).

Students:  Amanda Sanchez, Amitai Loew, Andrew Kunk, Brennan Gudmundson, Joel Levenson, Lauren Wood, Natalio Berrios, Neric Domginguez, Ricardo Garcia, Theresa Srnick. 

Course: AD 160

Freshmen Year
Design Photography 

University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Design, 2013

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