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I design to create personal monuments! I can see the emptiness of uninterrupted space in between lines, the masses of letter-forms set to conform to shapes and surface, complex relationship with dimensional voids. I started with creating forms using various type—deconstructing, juxtaposing, connecting and disconnecting them through the layers to unfold various possibilities and its characters, and new forms. Poetics has been a larger premise of my intuitive approach to design. I designed a virtual three dimensional typeface in silent space—'Legibility, visual occupation of volumetric space, abstractions and visual communications'—a hybrid three dimensional typeface in virtual space that allows multifaceted standpoints. This typeface interacts through movement,  initiates subtle abstractions and imparts a poetic duality between architectural space and legible 
typography. Here, 'Typespace' does not essentially let only read, also it provides continuous visual experiences through its subtle and poetic interactions. It grasps the untangiables; embrace and celebrate two worlds—typography and spatial-ness.

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