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Cincinnati Neighborhood Cards Project

In Communication in Urban Environments (CUE) at DAAP, University of Cincinnati, I have been working on Cincinnati neighborhoods for a year and its various visual identity. As you know, interestingly we have 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati and we have conceptualized, researched and designed two projects out of it. One of them is a set of 52 cards for all Cincinnati neighborhoods (4.25 in x 6 in each). 

Using an image, data and historic and contemporary narrative we create a set of 52 neighborhood cards, a unique social artifact, that represents a visual identity for each neighborhood in Cincinnati. The Neighborhood Cards project aims to communicate and strengthen the sense of community and neighborhood identity by making the neighborhoods visible. These set of cards create a neighborhood image that is an expression of the physical and social. 

We think the project has a unique idea that combines Cincinnati in a way and works as good as a 'Cincinnati collectible' for students, neighborhoods, schools, tourists etc. 

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