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Nepal Postcards

Another project to re-create a journey.

I chose nostalgia. I traveled with my wife to Nepal in 2009. I had bunch of travel sketches, pages of poetry and hundreds of photographs. I re-created that beautiful 11 days of travel, through designing 33 'postcards'. My photographs, context of the place, poetry and moment with sketches—all composed to create postcards. All elements that were used in, are selected from my Nepal travelogue. This designed Nepal postcards—as artifacts of memories and places—articulated various thoughts, moments and resurfaced my journey. Old matte un-coated paper were used, with
lots of scanned poems, drawings, sketches—even with coffee marks on sketchpad. Memories were kept on soft cushion of original yellow prayer-flags inside a handmade box.

Design a journey: ‘Nepal Postcards’ at UIC  

Advanced Design Studio/2012

Professor_Matthew Gaynor

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