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Differences and confluences:

Synchronizing a new vision towards Dhaka

Bangladesh has been a spontaneous and secular stand for religion where since hundreds of years various religious entities co-existed quite peacefully and with intimate zeal.  Narinda’s Shah Shaheb Lane, a narrow street that connotes harmony between different religions in a single vertebra, is the central interest of generating a communal synchronicity, enhancing it. One could see it as an urban design exercise that addresses the ground reality in a more unswerving way; how to identify, retain and make active these spatial foci in that historically momentous area – for religious and non. Could the projected design of this area be a model of how the spatial, historical and cultural complexity of Dhaka be both retained and given a new lease of life? Calculated insertion of new ideas, which will heighten the understanding of the spontaneity of the various religions co-existing.   

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