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Ligature Poetics Posters

Explore the potential of random convergence by combining type and image layers arbitrarily. Simply overlay several iterations and collapse into one poster. Output this poster as one file, showing chance overlaps, transparencies, obliteration, layering and accidents. 

Version 1

1 type layer + 3 image layers = 4 total layers

Version 2

2 type layers + 2 image layers = 4 total layers

No scaling/changing size of anything
No moving elements around
No "designing" of any kind
Okay to adjust the opacity of a WHOLE layer (NOT individual elements)
Okay to reverse the color of a type layer (for example: black type reversed to white or vice versa)


Poster size / 905 x 1280 mm (Intl. format)

Advanced Graphic Design Studio / 2014
Professor: Sharon Oiga

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