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Form + Type + Image


This project engages photography and studio-lighting techniques to describe specific characteristics of abstract 3D form produced from folded paper. Divided into three segments, the process involves model-making; studio photography; and integration of typography and image. 

In this foundations-level project students explore micro-scale formal and spatial relationships by transforming 3.5″ flat paper planes into three-dimensional models through folding, bending, scoring, and cutting.

In Part 1, students work to generate a large collection of individual models. They examine the interactions of edge and surface, format and direction while pursuing tension and confrontation as key principles of consideration.

In Part 2, students produce a series of paper models that demonstrate a transformation from one unique state to another through a sequence of nine to twelve steps. The exercise emphasizes systematic control of change by requiring a gradual transition between stages in a progression.

Lastly, Part 3 addresses unit-pattern relationships in three-dimensional design. Students work with a repeated module to develop a super-structure.

Course: AD 160

Design Photography Studio

University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Design, 2014

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