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Bomber Labels for Northport Brewing Co., MI

I worked to create a brand and label for Michigan-based Newport Brewing Co. with designer Matthew Wizinsky. I was involved in research on brewing, various brands in the market and conceptualize a theme of the client. As a team, we conceptualized and also recreated their existing theme, labels, logo etc. Based on our research, "product/place" and "authentic /personality" are the attributes we are trying to position axially. The names, stories, the images of Newport and Leelanau merged with imagery that conveys the hand-crafted nature and organic quality of the ingredient. 

Rigorous design process was executed to propose designs for labels for the bottle, branding, logo etc. The strategy was to include key production information in a small tag at the bottom of each label, including brewmaster's signature, date produced, ABV, etc. This allows the rest of the label to be used to illustrate the particular flavor's story—merging images that refer to the product's name and it's local ingredients—merging place and product.  

Interestingly, I never had beer in my life.

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