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Faculty Portraits 

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), 2014

Faculty portraits at the College of Arts, Design and Architecture (CADA), UIC / 2014. As a photographer I created all the faculty portraits for the 4 schools (Arts & History, Music & Theatre, Design and Architecture). I conceptualized their potraits reflecting their professional and academic expertise and the idea was to reflect their commitment for academia in the photos. The faculty were very helpful, enthusiastic and very patient in making it a success.

Most of the ones are created in the studio, experimenting with lights, instruments or even sometimes gestures. During scheduled session Meghan Ferrill engaged a faculty in a conversation about practice and teaching for on-line bio while I created those portraits.

Some teaches music, or poetry and some are mentors for architecture and design—even among the designers some are typography guru where some others are expert in photography. Again, alike school's new brochure, I delved further to create these mentor + designer's 'face' with a collective expressions of persona and their respective voices in design.

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