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Publication Design : Cover and Spreads 

From your analysis of: content inventory, hierarchy levels, organizing strategies applied, and utilizing your previously developed grid and typography standards, develop an interview article, a feature article, a table of content, and a cover for your proposed new publication. Through a sequence of page spreads, design solutions must demonstrate your page design strategies, the intended visual rhythm (page cadence), photo usage style, color, other graphic elements and the typography (typeface/s selection, logic and organization)

Design Process:

The final process will involve designers generating sketch layouts, instructor/class reviews, refinements based on feedback, spreads finalization, production and digital archiving.

Design solutions should well satisfy the previously determined needs of audience/user groups (readers) for this publication. 


Format + Dimensions
determined by student
Final Deliverables
large scale printout of spreads printed on bond paper
digital file versions w/ all assets

CODE 3020
Type III / Summer 2019 

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