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Magazine Identity : a wordmark

Applying typographic theories and principles, students will assess a magazine design
system and explore typography through identity development. Considering form structure and style, students will create a wordmark for a magazine that communicates meaning and begins to builds a visual language.

· define style and tone to be communicated
· create a new name for the magazine
· sketch wordmark concepts (consider black + white and color)
· analyze, refine, and finalize wordmark

· define form and style through a series of concept sketches
· wordmark must be vector created in Adobe Illustrator or Indesign
· determine appropriate visual proportions
· consider scale and color options (black + white, single color,
multiple colors, reversed out of color, etc.)

1 final BW vector wordmark
6” x 9” horizontal, mounted flush on 2 ply Bristol board


Student Designers (in Order): 

Alex Beckley, Connor Goltzene, Michelle Matevia, Zach Wooldridge, Bridget, Leah Dupre, Alex Quade, Meiyu Dong, Peter Ward. 

CODE 3020

Type III / Summer 2019 

University of Cincinnati, DAAP

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